Product Demo Trailer

On-Site Product Demos

Our demonstration style trailer is designed to facilitate equipment testing and training on the job-site, minimizing time spent away from important work.  The demo trailer is managed by our Product Specialist, who has extensive knowledge of the retail and rental product we stock.  Scheduling a visit with our Product Specialist and demo trailer will:

  • Keep you aware of new, innovative, safe, and efficient equipment
  • Allow your team to see equipment in action before purchasing
  • Help you decide which equipment is right for your application
  • Leaving demo equipment behind for further testing

Support from our Product Specialist does not end when a demo trailer session concludes.  If your crew needs assistance operating, setting up, or troubleshooting products or rentals after purchasing, our Product Specialist will return to provide in-depth follow-up training.

Ready to customize your demonstration?  Contact Vinnie or your sales representative.

Vinnie Scurto
Product Specialist
(248) 727-8482

Customize Your Demo

Our Demo Trailer is typically stocked with the below equipment, but we can customize inventory to meet your needs or brand preferences:

  • Safety Equipment
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Power Tools
  • Fall Protection Equipment
  • Gas Detection Equipment
  • Rental Welders

We can also schedule vendors to accompany us, including:

  • Milwaukee
  • Metabo
  • Guardian Fall Protection

And finally, our demo team typically provides food during the event, based on the time of day:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Late afternoon snacks and refreshments