On-Site Tool Trailers



Midland Tool & Supply can provide large construction projects (outages, shutdowns and turnarounds) with onsite tool trailers. Our tool trailers ensure that high demand needs can be immediately met by providing:

  • Available in 28- and 53-feet models
  • Customizable inventory
  • 24/7 onsite access
  • Unlimited users

Just like our warehouse, our tool trailers are exceptionally organized. Each is equipped with:

  • Efficient shelving and stackable plastic bins
  • LED overhead lighting
  • Clearly labeled bin locations
  • E-track hanger posts for air hose whips, stingers, grounds, and slings
  • A spacious worktable
  • A workstation with a cellular enabled iPad and SDS sheets



Our tool trailers are equipped with barcoding and inventory replenishment software, which can be accessed via a cellular enabled iPad at the workstation. Our software increases efficiency, accuracy, and reporting on the job-site by providing:

  • Barcode and QR scanning of products as they are pulled from the shelves
  • Restocking
  • Immediate inventory updating
  • Instant processing of inventory replenishment requests, ensuring prompt restocking
  • Bin mapping for quick product location
  • Searchable inventory
  • Product photos
  • App compatibility with iOS or Android-enabled smartphones
  • Customizable expense reporting, including categorizes for issuer, shift, product category, trade, and sub-contractor
  • Automatic reporting forwarding via email to anyone you chose for any date range
  • User friendly interface