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Midland Tool & Supply and Superior Tool Rental & Repair work together to provide high quality products, rentals and unique services to job-sites across the nation.

Midland Tool & Supply is headquartered in Oak Park, Michigan (Metro Detroit), with a branch office in Calumet City, Illinois (South Chicago).  Midland’s employees are committed to guiding customers to the safest and most efficient products for their application.  Our offices feature conference and training rooms to facilitate conversations between employees, vendors, and customers; a private fleet of versatile delivery vehicles; and expansive warehouses to keep over 8,000 products and rentals, from over 825 vendors, in immediate supply.






Over 7,500 Products In Stock


Industrial Equipment Rental

Delivery Via Private Fleet or FedEx

24/7 – 365 Emergency Service

Onsite Tool Trailers

Mobile Bolting Van

Warranty Service & Repair Center

Testing, Calibration & Certification




  • Power Generation
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Steel Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Infrastructure


  • National Association of Construction Boilermaker Employers (NACBE)
  • Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST)
  • Construction Association of Michigan (CAM)
  • The Association of Union Contractors (TAUC)
  • American Rental Association (ARA)
  • Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA)
  • Southern Michigan Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (SMCNECA)
  • Northwest Indiana Business Round Table (NWIBRT)



  • 1962


    In 1962, Midland Tool & Supply was founded in Oak Park, Michigan, providing construction supplies to the large and small contractors, industrial plants, government agencies, and automotive factories. Many of the initial tools carried supported the growth of Detroit and its surrounding areas in the 1960s.

  • 1976

    Bruce Boychuk Takes Ownership

    By 1976, Bruce Boychuk had taken ownership of Midland Tool & Supply, after working as a driver and sales representative since the company’s inception.

  • 1976

    National Focus

    In 1976, Midland Tool & Supply begin to focus on supplying tools nationally.  In particular, to support the Alaskan pipeline construction.

  • 1981

    Repair Service Launched

    In 1981, Midland Tool & Supply expanded its services to include repair under the title, “Midland Tool Service.”

  • 1985

    Satellite Office in Beaver Falls, PA

    Around 1985, Midland Tool & Supply opened a satellite branch in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, to support the construction of the Beaver Valley Power Station.  This branch remained open until construction of the power plant was completed in 1986.

  • 1995

    Superior Tool Rental & Repair

    After identifying a market for tool rentals, in February 1995, Brian Boychuk launched Superior Tool Rental & Repair, which operated out of the Midland Tool & Supply warehouse.  Superior Tool Rental & Repair replaced the Midland Tool Service brand, which shuttered operations in 1993.

  • 1996

    Brian Boychuk Begins at Midland

    After launching Superior Tool Rental & Repair in 1995, Brian Boychuk joined Midland Tool & Supply as Sale Representative in 1996.

  • 2006

    Building 2

    In 2006, Midland Tool & Supply – located since inception at 12771 Capital Street in Oak Park, MI – purchased the neighboring building to accommodate its growing inventory and staff.  The original building is referred to as “Building 1,” and the second location – formerly Michigan Glove – is referred to as “Building 2.”

  • 2006

    Onsite Tool Trailers Launched

    In 2006, Midland Tool & Supply acquired its first onsite tool trailer.  Onsite tool trailers are used to house tools and other supplies for large construction projects, turnarounds, and shutdowns.

  • 2006

    New Logo

    In 2006, an unknown artist created a new logo for Midland Tool & Supply.  The  one color design featured the words, “Midland” and “Supply,” in script, and “Tool” in serif.  A long arc sweeps under the word, “Midland,” and encases the word, “Tool.”  At the end of the arc are two hand tools illustrations:  an adjustable wrench and a tongue and groove plier.

  • 2009

    Updated Logo

    In 2009, Denny Denell of Denell Graphics updated the company logo to include a metallic perimeter.  Denny also redesigned the hand tool icons to include metallic elements and more detail.

  • 2012

    Midland Celebrates 50 Years

    In 2012, Midland Tool & Supply celebrated 50 years of operation.  Denny Denell created a special logo to commemorate the occasion.

  • 2014

    Brian Boychuk Takes Ownership

    In October of 2014, after gradually assuming more and more company responsibilities, Brian Boychuk became the owner of Midland Tool & Supply.

  • 2014

    New Headquarters

    In November 2014, construction was completed on Midland Tool & Supply’s headquarters at 21610 Meyers Road in Oak Park, Michigan.  Today, Building 1 functions as Superior Tool’s repair facility, and Building 2 remains a warehouse.  Midland Tool and Supply’s new headquarters has: a large, organized warehouse with several docking doors; space for Superior Tool Rental & Repair’s main operations; multiple offices for personnel; a customer service “bull pen”; two break rooms with fully operational kitchens; and technologically advanced conference and training rooms.

  • 2017

    Mobile Bolting Van

    In 2017, Midland Tool & Supply added a mobile bolting van to its sales, rental, and repair vehicle fleet.  The mobile bolting van is capable of performing onsite testing, calibration, certification, and training for manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment.

  • 2018

    Updated Onsite Tool Trailers

    In 2018, Midland Tool & Supply updated all four of the company’s onsite tool trailers to include:  efficient shelving, bin labels, stack-able bins, and inventory management and bar-coding software.

  • 2018

    Weld Test Connex

    In 2018, Midland Tool & Supply created a weld testing facility, called a “Weld Test Connex,” which customers can rent and use onsite.

  • 2018

    Cool Places to Work 2018

    On August 20th 2018, Midland Tool & Supply and Superior Tool Rental & Repair was announced as one of Crain’s Cool Places to Work in Michigan.  The companies ranked 45 out of 100 companies.

  • 2019

    New Branch in Calumet City, IL

    On June 26th 2019, Midland Tool & Supply announced the opening of its first branch office in Calumet City, Illinois.  The new facility features a lofted office space, allowing the approximately 55,000 square foot lower level to serve as an uninterrupted distribution center.  This, combined with the location’s close proximity to several major thoroughfares, will allow Midland Tool to serve customers outside of Michigan in a rapid and effective manner.

  • 2019

    2019 Cool Places to Work in Michigan

    On August 5th 2019, Midland Tool & Supply was announced by Crain’s Detroit Business as one of the top 100 coolest places to work in Michigan.

  • 2020

    Building 3

    In February 2020, Superior Tool Rental & Repair acquired “Building 3,” to house its large equipment repair center, including welder and diesel engine services.

  • 2020

    Cool Places to Work 2020

    On August 17th 2020, Midland Tool & Supply was announced by Crain’s Detroit Business as one of the top 100 coolest places to work in Michigan.