Have a construction project that needs frequent replenishment? We can create on-site supply trailers, shipping containers and tool rooms to ensure your needs are immediately met. 

  • Customizable on-site inventory
  • 24/7 on-site access 
  • Unlimited users
  • Digital inventory management
  • Customizable reporting
  • Efficient shelving and stackable, plastic bins
  • Hanger posts for air hose whips, stingers, grounds and slings
  • Workstation with SDS sheets & cell-enabled iPad
  • Worktable for larger tasks

Large Trailers

Our 53-foot, fully customizable trailers are ideal for large construction projects, such as shutdowns, turnarounds and outages.


Mid-Size Trailers

Our 28-foot, fully customizable trailers are ideal for mid-sized construction projects, or when mobility around the site is key.


Shipping Containers

Our 20 & 40-foot, fully customizable shipping containers are ideal for small construction projects, where consumables are in high demand.



Our supply containers are equipped with user-friendly barcoding and inventory replenishment software, which can be accessed via a cellular-enabled iPad at the workstation. 

  • Scan products "out" as they are pulled from the shelves
  • See updated inventory immediately after scanning product "out"
  • Automatically initiate inventory replenishment 
  • Search for product and bin locations 
  • See product photos
  • Customize your job site's inventory and expense reporting, including
    categories for the issuer, shift, product category, trade, and sub-contractor
  • Automatically send reports to select personnel for any given date range
  • Download the app for iOS and Android-enabled smartphones


We can also integrate our inventory management software on non-consignment items, which allows assigned personnel to track and report on the use of company-owned equipment and consumables as it is scanned out on the job site. 


Contact our StockUp Field Support Manager, Collin McLaughlin,
to set up a demo on your job site.

Collin McLaughlin

StockUp Field Support Manager

Detroit Headquarters